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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it break?
No. LocBLoc is made of High-Impact Polystyrene (HIP) and can handle normal office abuse.
Will it wiggle off of the lock?
No. LocBLoc cannot be wiggled, popped or forced off of the lock by the patron.
Those are some big claims! Is it guaranteed?
Yes. Return the LocBLoc if you're not satisfied for any reason.
Are you in Ebuy?
Not yet. We're working on it.
How can I order without going through EBuy?

Use the SmartPay Purchase Card Program. Here's a link to the Handbook AS-709, Local Buying and Purchase Card Policies and Procedures

HINT: Use our phrase "To protect P.O. Box revenue" as the RATIONALE and it will get approved quicker.

Can I still box mail with the LocBLoc plug installed?
Yes. Reduce Overflow. There's no need to tape over the PO box or store the patron's mail on a shelf.
Do I need a LocBLoc for every box?
No. We recommend that you have enough on hand to cover your monthly Delinquent Report accounts. A good estimate would be about 10% of the amount of PO Boxes at your Station.
Can I get a sample?
Yes. Send us a sample request including your address using our Contact link,
How soon can I get my LocBLoc order shipped?
We usually ship on the next business day.
How can I track my order?
We only use USPS Priority Mail for shipping. Your order can be tracked by email and through USPS.com. For over twenty years we can proudly claim that the US Postal Service has NEVER lost any of our shipments!

Postal Operations Manual, POM Issue 9, July 2002, Updated With Revisions Through July 31, 2020, section 841.22, states the procedure to plug the lock is to use a paperclip. Why use LocBLoc?

Using a paperclip is practically impossible. LocBLoc is secure and easy to install and remove.