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About Us

LocBLoc, LLC was started by Jimmy and June Durham in 1992 in Flint, Texas. That summer, Mr. Jimmy was piddling in his wood-shop on his table saw out behind their house when he lopped off the edge of a two-by-four and it bounced along the floor making a very familiar wood-pinging noise.

You see, Mr. Jimmy had recently retired from the U.S. Postal Service after a respectable 30 year career with titles ranging from Distribution Clerk to Window Technician in charge of Station. He also once served as a temporary Postmaster for six months in Laneville, Texas. At the beginning of his retirement, he tried golfing and fishing and heavy napping but never really found it to be what everyone said it was. Most of his time and pleasure was found in creating small wooden toys, gizmos and gadgets for his grandkids out in his shop.

That familiar noise reminded him of the wooden blocks that had bounced so many times across those tile floors of the Station knocked loose by customers forcing or wiggling their keys into the P.O. Box. It was then that he decided that now, in his retirement, he had the time to solve that common problem of plugging the P.O. Box lock with something besides a block of wood.

From there the story moves along like any American-made entrepreneurial garage invention. He made a wooden model; they re-financed their house; had it designed and eventually a steel-mold made. Within the first year they had started to get so busy that Ms. June quit her job and started crunching the numbers and taking orders.

It wasn't until 2017 that they thought that they should enjoy some of the fruits of their labor and passed the business down to Mr. Jimmy's son, Stacy. That'd be me. I moved the business headquarters to Louisiana, but the LocBLoc is still manufactured in East Texas. It is my intention to continue to provide this unique, innovative and essential device to the U.S. Postal Service with the same integrity, pride and quality that my father did.

Stacy L. Durham

Leading Blocker of LocBLoc, LLC