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Protecting your P.O. Box Revenue for over twenty years!

Protecting your P.O. Box Revenue for over 20 years!

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Style A
Item # 4172     $54.50 for a ten-pack

bloc a For use in box sizes 1,2, and 3 with key locks as pictured above.

Only sold in packs of ten (10).

Style B
Item # 5458     $54.50 for a ten-pack

bloc b For use in box sizes 1 and 2 with key locks as pictured above.

Only sold in packs of ten (10).

To Save Time

LocBLoc is used to efficiently and securely plug the PO Box lock assembly. Stop wasting your valuable time by taping the backside of PO Boxes and cutting out cardboard inserts.

To Save Shelf Space

When the LocBLoc plug is installed there is no need to store the patron's mail elsewhere. Mail can still be boxed during the ten-day period.

To Recover PO Box Revenue

Stop using that block of wood that wiggles off or those cheap imitators that never stay on. Plug a lock with LocBLoc and the customers respond immediately. This reduces the potential time lost and costs of replacing the lock assembly.

First Notice? Email Notice? Many Postmasters refer to the LocBLoc plug as the "Final Notice"!

LocBLoc is a custom designed block used to plug the locking assembly of a PO Box listed on the "Delinquent Report". Use LocBLoc and the box cannot be opened by the patron. LocBLoc is constructed of a high-impact plastic (HIP) and is fully warranted against mechanical and material defects or workmanship. We guarantee your complete satisfaction.