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BoxBloc Stop Taping Section v2

...use BoxBLoc PO Box Blocker!

for temporary forwards or un-rented boxes.

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Stop using tape!

BoxBLoc is a compression-styled, industrial-grade foam block.

BoxBLoc increases the accuracy of distribution for cased mail in a PO Box Section.

BoxBLoc blocks the workroom side of the PO Box to prevent mis-boxed mail and/or closes un-rented boxes.

Won't blow-out. Re-usable. No gooey tape residue.

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Easy to install and store!

Three sizes are available to fit #1, #2 and #3 boxes.

Install on workroom side of PO Box. Squeeze to fit into position.

Pull finger-hole to remove.

Store spares in blank/unrented boxes.

Won't blow-out. Re-Usable. No gooey tape residue.

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BoxBLoc all three

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Have special requirements?

Can be clipped to, stapled to, taped on, push-pinned or thumb-tacked as needed.

BoxBLoc snugly fits most boxes, but contact us for a custom fit if necessary. No extra charge.

Discount pricing for purchases greater than 10 ten-packs.

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